Have you been cooking rice incorrectly all this time?

Have you been cooking rice incorrectly all this time?

Chef leaves YouTuber 'disgusted' by the way she prepared her rice!

Roger upset by rice
Uncle Roger - YouTube

If you did not know, now you do, there is an incorrect way to cook rice, and Hersha Patel from BBC Food felt the full wrath of the internet for her take on 'easy' Egg Fried Rice. The video has been viewed 6.6-million times, and social media is in agreement; this chef does not know how to cook rice!

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After being sent a video to criticise by a fan, YouTuber, Uncle Roger, took on the challenge and was left unimpressed by a BBC chef's rendition of egg fried rice. He gasped at the fact that the chef did not rinse her rice beforehand, added too much water to the boiling process, and her act of blasphemy for using a colander to strain the rice!

After a lot of sighing, head shakes, and looks of disappointment, Uncle Roger did not approve - and it turns out many people agree. 

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After going viral for her 'crime against rice', Chef Hersha Patel met with Uncle Roger, and they will be collaborating on how to REALLY cook rice. There's a silver lining after all!

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