Happy Darren Day: How it all went down

Happy Darren Day: How it all went down

Darren celebrates the last year of his 40s today!

Darren Birthday
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As the leading man of our team turns 49 today, we asked him to share the top 5 things he's grateful for...

1. I have a job I love that keeps me engaged and creative.

2. I go home to a wonderful woman who loves me.

3. I have a delightful child who is caring and wants to help make this a better world.

4. Max (lab) has stopped peeing on the Nguni rug and I am very grateful for that.

5. My castle is a stones throw from the Indian Ocean and it is beauty to behold as I wake up and again when I lay my head down.

He also found it fitting to add 5 more things he's grateful because you can never be done with the list of things you're grateful for... 

6. I’m grateful my community lives with shared values of Ubuntu. We all look out for each other’s safety and needs.

7. I am fit and healthy and enjoy the longest summers filled with outdoor adventures; golf, tennis, picnics, and paddle skis.

8. When it rains, I don’t flood. When the heat is unrelenting, I escape to conditioned comfort.

9. Gemma my Jack Russel is fierce and my lawn is free of moles and my kitchen free of monkeys.

10. I’m grateful that I’m almost 10 years sober and didn’t screw up all the things that I am now grateful for.

Happy Darren Day! 

You might have missed what happened on Darren's birthday this morning, it was a glorious time in the studio and on air.

Take a listen to how it went down with him opening his gifts from the ECR team and Sky and Keri: 

The Beverly Hills Hotel in Umhlanga came through and made his day extra special with a waffle cake and exclusive branded content, take a look here:

When he thought it was  over, Sun Coast Casino Hotels and Entertainment also came through with some 'goodies' they know Darren really enjoys. It happened in the studio. 

Sky and  Keri shared sentimental messages to Darren Maule with 3 things they appreciate about the main man. 

Listen to Sky's message: 

This is Keri's message to Darren: 

You will probably see more content from Darren's birthday on his Instagram page, we know he probably has a reel ready. 


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