Happy Dance: Young woman busts a few moves after getting hired

Happy Dance: Young woman busts a few moves after getting hired

The new employee had no idea that the CCTV cameras were watching.

Woman Dancing
Instagram/ Dakara Spence

Unemployment is one of the hardest things one can face, and lockdown has seen an increase in retrenchments for many companies - so what's a few dance moves to celebrate a successful job interview?

We recently came across a priceless video of a young woman celebrating getting a new job and you have to see it!

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The heart-warming clip shows the new employee walking out of a building into the parking lot, she looks around to check if anyone sees her, and then breaks into dance. 

The video was shared on Instagram by her boss who found it cool and funny.

"So I just hired this young girl and this was her response," the caption read.

When the young lady saw the video, she responded in the comments section, saying, "Lmaoo! I had to do it! I thought nobody saw! I was wrong. Thank you though!"

Watch the video below.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Instagram/ Dakara Spence

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