South African's stranded in Mumbai get some relief

Good news for South Africans stranded in Mumbai

Mark Getliffe updates us on the next move for the group of South Africans stranded in Mumbai.

SA people stranded in Mumbai

A group of South Africans have been stuck in Mumbai since lockdown hit. Mark Getliffe is among this group and gave us an update on when they might be making their way back home.

Since our last conversation with Mark on 8 May, there has thankfully been some progress. Mark explained that a repatriation flight, which they have paid for, will be leaving Mumbai on Sunday.

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"The South African Airways flight is bringing Indian nationals back to Mumbai, and we will be returning on the same flight which will leave Mumbai to Deli to Johannesburg," said Mark.

The group of South Africans have spent close to seven weeks backpacking in Mumbai. He also explains the measures which would have been taken if they were unable to pay for their flight tickets.

Most importantly, they are happy to be coming home.

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