Go bold and bring 'Hope' at this year's Shavathon

Go bold and bring 'Hope' at this year's Shavathon

The theme for this year, ‘Hope 2020’, will bring hope to cancer patients and survivors.

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The CANSA organisation is hoping that KZN will come out in their numbers and show their support towards cancer patients and survivors. Keri Miller sat down with Lorraine from the organisation and Jeremy, who is a cancer survivor.

Jeremy recalled the day he found out that he has cancer - he was devastated. However, the CANSA family supported and cared for him. Now, he urges participants to come out and support the Shavathon. Lorraine highlighted the plight of this event and why it should be a priority.

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Venues across KZN will be showing their support and standing in solidarity by hosting the CANSA Shavathon. Participants are encouraged to visit any of the participating malls and either shave or spray a stencil onto their hair to give 'hope' to cancer survivors.

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