"Give him a chance": Sky Tshabalala would want Rasta to paint him

"Give him a chance": Sky Tshabalala would want Rasta to paint him

Rasta is making waves - for the wrong reasons again!

Rasta painting

Do you ever wonder if painter Rasta's controversial paintings are his aesthetic?

If you're wondering who Rasta is, let's catch you up.

Rasta is an artist whose claim to fame is painting celebrities and politicians. But, unlike many portraits that make it on social media, the chance of anyone (but Rasta) actually identifying the person in the portrait is slim.

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The self-proclaimed "best artist in South Africa" has painted controversial paintings of the late legendary broadcaster Bob Mabena, who actually looked more like legendary actor Menzi Ngubane. He has also painted Zinzi Mandela, Siya Kolisi, HHP, and the list goes on. 

Although many have a good laugh when his paintings go viral, Tweeps seem to have had enough after his recent painting. Many actually reprimanded him for a painting of what was supposed to be murdered actress Thandeka Mdeliswa; labeling him 'disrespectful'. 


However, Sky Tshabalala thinks that South Africa should give the artist a chance. If anything, Sky would actually have Rasta paint him one day. 

"Lalela! Practice makes perfect. Give Rasta a chance, he will get the hang of it," he says. 

He added that the criticism (if constructive) will only push the artist to work harder. Mmmh... we're not so sure, Sky. 

Check out Rasta's interview on eNCA about his paintings.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/RastaArtist

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