#FutureKingsDay: Darren and Sky remember the Kings and Queens that inspired them

#FutureKingsDay: Darren and Sky remember the Kings and Queens that inspired them

It is important to remember the kings and queens in our lives. These are the people whom we look up to, and hopefully aim to one day follow their footsteps. That's what Cricket South Africa and Hollywood Bets Dolphins are aiming to do.

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The main aim of The Future Kings programme is to help young men from underprivileged backgrounds realise their potential and groom them into extraordinary individuals. Cricket SA and The Dolphins believe there is a lack of mentors and leadership for boys in our society. 

Both organisations want to speak to the memory of a 'King' that played a vital role in their life. This 'King' is the one who strives to become an individual you see potential in. They want to ignite the passion that lives in each of us to reach out and identify the person, man or woman, that has been an inspirational character in one's life.

Our very own Darren Maule shared his memory of the 'Kings' in his life. 

Watch below:

Sky decided to share his story as well.

Check out David Miller's story of whose the 'King' in his life:

Now watch Andile Phulekwayo's story:

Learn more about the #FutureKings movement here. 

Get behind the Proteas this weekend when they take on Sri Lanka on Sunday, 10 March, and make sure you're dressed in your best Kings or Queens attire.

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