Meet Phepsi Buthelezi: From Zululand farms to SA's professional rugby fields

Meet Phepsi Buthelezi: From Zululand farms to SA's professional rugby fields

Everyone is impressed with Buthelezi bagging the 'Captain' title for the Sharks' Currie Cup team. On Keri's Couch, he shares how he actually feels. 

Phepsi Buthelezi

The humble 22-year-old loose forward for the Sharks rugby team hails from Zululand and shares the journey that led him to playing with a renowned team and his feelings about leading them for the Currie Cup.

Growing up, Buthelezi was not one of those who would play with video games, as he grew up on a farm. Him and his four siblings played rugby casually every single day after school and naturally his love for rugby was conceived. 

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"You know, I mean, like you can imagine if every day when you come back from school, all we doing in the backyard is just playing rugby," he shares. 

One would be surprised to know that his parents were on different ends in terms of him playing rugby as a career. His father supported him completely and did the same with his brothers. His mother, on the the other hand... 

Take a listen to how his mother eventually folded and saw her son become a star on the rugby field. We also have to add a big thanks to his brother, as he's part of the reason the Buthelezi finally ended up in Durban. 

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When describing the difference in the games they play currently and the games before the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, he admits that the atmosphere of having an audience in the stadium elevates the feeling on the field for them. 

"It now feels like training," he shares. 

Although he does share that there are a few people who come and support the team, he appreciates the small audience as they have to make the best of this COVID-19 situation. 

Keri probably scored an exclusive here. She asked the young man who his favourite rugby player on the Sharks team is and he shared without hesitation. Who do you think it will be? 

Have a listen: 

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You can find 'Captain, my captain' on Instagram. He respectfully jokes about how flooded his DMs are looking. We doubt that it was a joke. 

We wish the best for him in his already beaming rugby career. 

Take a listen to the full podcast of Phepsi Buthelezi on Keri's Couch:


Main Image Courtesy: Sharks Rugby Team 

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