"From 'Tiger King' to 'My Octopus Teacher' in one global lockdown" - Darren's movie review

"From 'Tiger King' to 'My Octopus Teacher' in one global lockdown" - Darren's movie review

According to Darren, there could not be two more different cultural phenomenons than 'The Tiger King' series and 'My Octopus Teacher' documentary... yet they both seem to have captured the imagination of the world in different ways. 

My Octopus Teacher

We all know that Darren Maule is a cinephile, right? Therefore when he heard about the South African documentary, 'My Octopus Teacher', he jumped on Netflix and watched it! 

'My Octopus Teacher' is a South African feature documentary that captures the story of Craig Foster’s year with a wild octopus. He followed this individual animal for most of her life – something that has seldom been achieved in the wild, let alone underwater.

“A lot of people say that an octopus is like an alien, but the strange thing is that as you get closer to them, you realise that we are very similar in a lot of ways,” - Craig Foster.

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Darren's review looks at two documentaries and compares them in relation to lockdown.

"The lesson could be that before lockdown we had a fascination with the weird and inexplicable world of a drugged-up gay Midwest big-cat collector and towards the end of lockdown, we, the same people, are gravitating towards a story about the rejuvenating powers of love. 

"The fact that the same species enjoyed such divergent themes is a testament, I suppose, to how multifaceted we actually are. Therein lies my fascination with 'My Octopus Teacher' - the fact that we are complicated creatures in a world that is completely polarised and strives to put us into single-dimensional camps. You are the left or you’re the right. Red or blue. You’re either conservative or liberal and there is no grey area in between. But we aren’t one or two-dimensional beings. We are more. We can love 'Tiger King' and 'My Octopus Teacher' and those who love or loathe either or neither," Darren says.

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