Frightening video of how a burglar gets into a home

Frightening video of how a burglar gets into a home

Burglar bars or not, this is allegedly how people get into your house! 

Screenshot: Twitter: theFarEastFiles

A scary video was found on Twitter of how someone could get into your home through the burglar bars. The one-minute video has the watermark 'Living In South Africa', so we assume the video was shot in South Africa.

The thin man is seen climbing into a window and manoeuvring himself to get through the burglar bars unharmed. He carefully places one leg through the burglar bar and then the other. He tries to find his balance for a good landing inside the home. The man is then seen positioning himself to get his upper body through the bars without hurting himself.

He pauses to move his arms and head through, and gets into the home comfortably and stands behind the burglar bars. The man recording the video tells him to come out.

The man in the home climbs up the window and repeats the process again. Tweeps were left shocked after they saw it.

How scary? Please be vigilant and safe KZN! 

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