Five Things You Need To Know As You Wake Up: Omicron less severe than Delta

Five Things You Need To Know As You Wake Up: Omicron less severe than Delta

This is according to a South African study.

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If you are looking for some information regarding what is happening in the world and in the country, you know you can definitely depend on us to share five of the headlining stories you need to know. 

With COVID-19 being one of the most pressing topics in the world right now, we have an update from a South African context. 

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A South African study has found that Omicron causes less-severe illness than the earlier Delta variant of COVID-19. The study shows people infected with Omicron have an 80% lower chance of being admitted to hospital. According to friend of the show, Prof. Tulio De Oliveira, this might only be in South Africa and other countries might react differently. 

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A blanket of white covered the ground in parts of Pietermaritzburg on Wednesday as a severe hailstorm swept through the city. What started off as light rain soon turned into a major storm, as roads were flooded and vehicles damaged when hail stones pelted down. Send us your pics! 061 792 9495

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Mick Schumacher, the son of seven-time Formula One world champion Michael, will double up as a Ferrari reserve driver next season while also having a regular race seat at US-owned Haas. 

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In a new report, South African Uber drivers collectively travelled 5,756,835km delivering groceries and essential goods this year. Coca-Cola was the number one selling grocery item in South Africa, featuring in more than 16,000 orders this year. Bread is a close second with over 15,000 orders. 

Chicken in all forms remains South Africa’s favourite dish to order in.

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The world's first SMS has been sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) for $149,729. Reading "Merry Christmas," the message was sent by British programmer Neil Papworth from his computer on 3 December 1992 to Richard Jarvis, then director of UK telecommunications company Vodafone.


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