Five things you need to know this morning

Five things you need to know this morning

As you prepare for the day, here are five things you need to know before you head into the office.

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1. US President Donald Trump hired a Black actor to play Barack Obama so that he could fire him

A parody clip from 2012 has resurfaced and to call it bizarre would be an understatement. Filmed in Trump Tower in 2012 ahead of the Republican National Convention, a character named ‘Fauxbama’ is shown being fired in true 'Apprentice' style. 

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2. Former President Jacob Zuma's court case delayed 

The Jacob Zuma and French Arms Manufacturer court case has been delayed once again. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) confirmed that the matter had been postponed by consensual agreement. The state said that it is "not ready."

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3. Prince Harry is enjoying the new place he calls home

During a video call with the Rugby Football League to commemorate the group's 125th birthday, Prince Harry shared that he's 'loving' life in his new home in Santa Barbara, USA.

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4. Man survives after being trapped under a tree for four days

Jonathan Ceplecha from Minnesota, in the United States of America, was cutting down a tree at his home when he was trapped under the fallen tree. Jonathan lives alone and survived by eating plants and bugs within arms reach. 

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5. French man accidentally blows up a part of his home

In an attempt to get rid of a fly, the man blew up a part of his house while using an electric swat. He picked up the electronic fly swat and took aim, but he was unaware of a gas cylinder leaking at his home, and then the drama unfolded. Here's hoping his home can be restored as soon as possible. 

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