Five Things You Need To Know As You Wake Up: New COVID-19 variant In SA

Five Things You Need To Know As You Wake Up: New COVID-19 variant In SA

We are all thinking about how this threatens our holidays season. 

COVID-19 variant detected in Bots now here

Friday morning and it's not just any normal Friday globally, it's Black Friday! Amid all the noise, we still have the five top stories in the country and across the world you need to know to get the day started. 


Nelson Mandela's former home has been turned into a boutique hotel and hast started with operations. 

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Anti-apartheid legend Nelson Mandela’s  former home has been transformed into a boutique hotel. 

The inside of the building, hidden on a quiet street in a wealthy suburb of Johannesburg, had been defaced by squatters.

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The Women’s March in Washington apologized after it sent out an email reporting its average weekly donation of $14.92, calling it an “oversight” not to “make the connection to a year of colonization, conquest and genocide for Indigenous people, especially before Thanksgiving.”

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The Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) has appointed Mqondisi Ngcobo as its new chairperson and bids farewell to former boss, Cheryl Winn.

Comrades new chairperson

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A pair of boisterous pigs injured two men and forced the closure of the Lightcliffe Golf Club, in Halifax, England when they stormed the course. One of the animals was said to be "enormous with sharp teeth or tusks”.

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A new COVID-19 variant first detected in Botswana has made its way to South Africa. 

Experts are not yet sure if our vaccines will be effective against it. Ironically, if we all got our vaccines early enough, the virus’ ability to mutate would have been extremely low. 

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