Is fishing on Durban beaches allowed? Our legal expert explains the confusion

Is fishing on Durban beaches allowed? Our legal expert clears the confusion

Following the release of videos of beachgoers fleeing from the police on Durban beaches over the past weekend, our legal expert, Ashton Naidoo, weighed on the activities that take place on the beaches - especially fishing.

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There has been a lot of confusion about whether fishing on the beach is now prohibited during the current level three lockdown, as it was illegal during level four and five.

According to Ashton Naidoo, fishing is allowed, but you cannot do it on the beach. You may fish on the river, but not the beach.

The issue of social gatherings has also been very serious during this lockdown. Besides the video of beachgoers fleeing from the police, other videos from a large group of people in Kwa Mai Mai in Johannesburg grooving, drinking, and being merry also went viral - obviously causing a debate. While those were large crowds and broke more than one lockdown regulation, a burning question for Ashton Naidoo is: What happens if your neighbours are having a braai with four or five guests? Should you report them? Take note, it's not more than 50 people, but just about five max.

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Other questions that Ashton answered were:

Is transporting alcohol (that you received as gifts) legal?

What happens when you get caught with a lot of cigarettes in your car even though you have a receipt? Is there a fine?

Should you be going to work if you have tested positive for the coronavirus?

What happens if you get arrested for going out during curfew times?

Is collecting litter on the beach, while walking alone, allowed?

What if a reference on your CV slates you to your potential employer?

Can you go caravanning?

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