EXCLUSIVE: "They call me controversial, I say I'm authentically truthful" - Siv Ngesi

EXCLUSIVE: "They call me controversial, I say I'm authentically truthful" - Siv Ngesi

Keri Miller decided to sit down with one of SA's biggest stars to chat about life, love, controversy, and more.

Siv Ngesi

Siv Ngesi is not your average entertainer.

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He's an outstanding actor, comedian, and presenter, he's been featured on Mail & Guardians 200 Young South Africans list, Cosmo's Sexiest Men list in 2015, and is a SAFTA winner.

That's one impressive CV!

But being in the limelight means having to open oneself up to public scrutiny, judgement, and comments, although it's not by choice.

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Siv might be known for his work in the entertainment industry, but he has also garnered the attention of many through doing what he loves, although many refer to his choices as controversial.

He is not afraid of speaking his mind and will address any topic he feels passionate about, because he is just living his best unapologetic life.

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In part one of Keri's Couch, there is no holding back and once again no topic is off-limits as Keri and Siv discuss everything from his rugby playing days to his pole-dancing ways:

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But that is not all that goes on in the life of Siv.

At the start of 2021, he decided to reveal a different side that no-one has ever seen before, and it got the people talking!

He introduced the world to Sivanna...

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Listen to the full podcast below, which features even more juicy deets and insight to the life of Siv Ngesi:

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