Exclusive – Nan Lee: “I feel survivor’s guilt and wish I could just have my daughter back!”

Exclusive – Nan Lee: “I feel survivor’s guilt and wish I could just have my daughter back!”

Murdered Durban teenager Siam Lee has left a gaping emotional hole in her mother’s heart. In an exclusive interview, she opens up to Terence Pillay about her mother-daughter bond on the dark side.

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About eighteen months ago, the country was rocked by a murder so heinous, it was almost unbelievable. Siam Lee, a Durban teenager, working as a massage therapist was abducted from a Durban North home, where she worked with her mother, Nan, an escort. 

Days later, her charred remains were found in a sugar cane field in New Hanover.

A man, Philani Ntuli was arrested in connection with the murder and appeared in court several times, however, charges were yet to be put to him. But then Ntuli, who was believed to be undergoing treatment for skin cancer, died in June this year effectively bringing an end to the trial. 

The case was struck off the court’s roll and the country was again largely outraged. Many believed that Ntuli’s death was an “easy way out” and if fate had not dealt him the blow, he would have spent the rest of his life behind bars.

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Nan Lee, Siam’s mother said she wanted him to be “held accountable for what he had done”. In a radio exclusive, Nan opens up about her relationship with her daughter, Siam’s childhood and how she got to this very dark point in her life.

In an emotional interview, Nan Lee says she can’t be held responsible for what “this monster had done to my daughter”. Following widespread criticism for introducing her daughter to the world of erotic massage, Nan has gone off the grid and living away from Durban.

I tracked her down for this candid sit down.

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