EXCLUSIVE: 'Dust' producer Pieter Du Plessis talks about inspiration of the film

EXCLUSIVE: 'Dust' producer Pieter Du Plessis talks about inspiration of the film

'DUST' - the debut feature film from writer/director, Pieter du Plessis has been selected as the Closing Night Film of the 41st Durban International Film Festival. The team got ahold of the producer to get a little more detail about the inspiration and setting of the film.

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Earlier this week, Darren Maule spoke to Shana Mans, who is the lead actress of South African movie 'Dust' about her film career and her character in this a slow-burning tension thriller. 

Pieter du Plessis, who is the producer and director of the film describes it as a "post-apocalyptic film which is sort of in the speculative fiction range."

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The movie follows Mans’ character, Rachel, and her traumatised family as they find asylum at a remote farmstead in a barren landscape.  Rachel believes that they have found a place to rest before moving on again until the matriarch of the farm asks her to marry one of her sons. This sets off a cascade of clashing allegiances and ideologies that becomes more and more constricting to the young woman, her disabled father, and adopted little brother.

"It's all about little, emotional shifts between characters... when we were writing it and getting ready to shoot it, we had a couple of conversations about how geographically locked we'd like it to be. We decided that we're going to err on the side of having it be possible anywhere - we didn't want to make it too South African," du Plessis says.

The full interview is available below.

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