Ever heard of a digital zoo? KZN's Crocworld just launched theirs recently!

LOOK: KZN's Crocworld just launched digital zoo

This is a great way to visit the South Coast without actually being there!

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On and off, we have been stuck in our homes without the chance to visit restaurants, social events, and nature. This is all because of the COVID-19 and all the lockdowns that came with it. 

So Crocworld Conservation Centre in Scottburgh on the KZN South Coast has chosen to make this a little better for all our nature-lovers. They have launched a digital zoo for you and yours. 

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The Crocworld Conservation Centre manager, James Wittstock, shared that the Digital Zoo would give people all over the world the chance to experience animal encounters and learn more about nature just over their phone or computer. 

This was done with the help of software developer, Daniel Carr, who came to them with the idea that would allow people – anywhere in the world – a chance to view and learn about the incredible animal species found in Scottsburgh. 

Take a wild guess when the idea was conceived? Yes, during the hard lockdown!

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“We used to love visiting parks and zoos before COVID-19 but I couldn’t find a digital zoo so I decided to create one,” Carr shared.

This Digital Zoo will feature captivating photos, video clips, audio clips of all the animals, and information that educates and entertains audiences.

You will be able to experience exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the animals, interesting animal feeds, and even stories of how the animals arrived at the conservation centre.

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If you have ever been curious as to how the caretakers interact with some of these scary animals, there is a ‘Day in the life of a curator’ experience for a view of them caring for the crocodiles. 

Expect the content to be updated regularly to keep the experience fresh and exciting.

There is 24-hour access to the Crocworld Digital Zoo, allowing international audiences to watch at any time. They are home to around 350 animal and 80 bird species, so imagine experiencing all that! 

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Every ticket is valid for 24 hours and the different ticket options give members varying levels of access. These include:

· Bronze pass: Free access to 25% of Crocworld.

· Copper pass: R50 ticket for access to 50% of Crocworld.

· Silver pass: R75 ticket for access to 75% of Crocworld.

· Gold pass: R100 ticket for access to 100% of Crocworld.

· Platinum pass: R125 ticket for access to 100% of Crocworld and animal feedings.

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So, head on over to Crocworld's Digital Zoo here.


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