English musician Passenger on his bromance with Ed Sheeran and his new song

English musician Passenger on his bromance with Ed Sheeran and his new song

"Ed has always been an inspirational figure and friend."


He appeared on the radar of South Africans with his hit single, 'Let Her Go', in 2012 and he completely out-staged Ed Sheeran on his own world tour in 2019 when Ed made his way to South African shores.

Passenger, born Michael David Rosenberg, is an English musician, singer, and songwriter.

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Talking about his new song, 'Sword From The Stone', he says that his relationship with Ed Sheeran is so great and wholesome that he always sends his new music to him for listening and feedback. That is what he did with the alternative version, 'The Gingerbread Mix', which features Sheeran. 

"I was a busker for years. I started busking when I was in my early twenties and in my first summer of busking around in the UK, I was at every pub... and I ended up in this pub in Cambridge and Ed was at the same gig (I think he was about 17 at the time) and I watched his set. It was completely mind blowing. He watched my gig and he loved my stuff as well," Passenger says.

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He also talks about the the importance of having a strong support structure in your music career. Listen below. 

Having listened to Passenger's new song, Darren was interested in the lyrical content, which has lockdown influences. 

Passenger says that his song was actually due to come out in May last year.

"What I always do as a songwriter is to speak from my own experiences to have it universally understandable... this is instantly relatable for pretty much everyone on planet earth and that is what I'm hoping for." 

Listen to more of their conversation as they dissect the song and Passenger's messages to South Africa amidst the pandemic.

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