Employees decline friend requests from bosses and colleagues

Employees decline friend requests from bosses and colleagues

South Africans show that they know where to draw the line when it comes to their work and private lives.

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The conclusion comes after research from Kaspersky shows that 64% of South Africans have chosen to keep their private lives separate from their work lives. 

Another 60% showed that they would rather not disclose their activities with their colleagues.

According to Businesstech online, the Cybersecurity and anti-virus provider says: “Globally, the average employee spends an astonishing 13 years and two months at work during their lifetime."

"Interestingly though, not all this time is directly related to solving work tasks or earning a promotion: almost two thirds (64%) of consumers admit visiting non-work-related websites every day from their desk."

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A further 3% said that their career was irrevocably damaged as a consequence of their personal information being leaked. Thus, people are worried about how to build a favourable internal reputation and how not to destroy existing workplace relationships.

Interesting, right?

Do you accept friend requests from your colleagues and bosses?

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