Edgars: This week’s drama for account holders is an interest-related bill shock

Edgars: This week’s drama for account holders is an interest-related bill shock

Edgars is in hot water again with its customers and it is a different issue from last week. Consumer journalist Wendy Knowler gets to the bottom of it and also looks into the Comair scandal on this week's Comsumerwatch.


Last week, Edgars hastily reinstated its six-month interest-free account plan after announcing it was scrapping it just days before. This week, “valued customers” got another interest shock - double interest charged to their October accounts because a “system glitch” meant that no interest was charged last month.

If you have Edgars account-related issues, email [email protected] and for Jet account complaints email  [email protected].

Meanwhile, bookings remain closed at Comair, while many “unflown ticket holders” appear to have ended upon the company’s “creditors” list, which means they can only expect a few cents to the Rand back in the Business Rescue process. 

Every ticket holder is listed by name, in alphabetical order, with the value of their tickets on Comair’s business website. To check, click here and then click on Annexure B.

If you want to switch to the “hold the value” option, meaning you can book another flight - using that value - before 31 October 2021, you must email [email protected] and state that you are making the option shift to “Hold the value of my ticket”.

Listen to Wendy Knowler as she investigates these issues in the podcast below.

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