From #ECRWeddingInAWeek to #WeddingInTheSky

From #ECRWeddingInAWeek to #WeddingInTheSky

Whilst East Coast Drive made history by planning and marrying a couple in a week, a happy couple got engaged and married within hours on a flight from Johannesburg to Washington DC.

newly weds on flight eating cake
Screenshot: Facebook: Dala U Crew

The love continues to spread from #ECRWeddingInAWeek...

#WeddingInTheSky, anyone?

A couple flying from Johannesburg to Washington DC got engaged and had their wedding - all on the same flight.

In the video posted on Dala U Crew's Facebook page, the gentleman publically declares his love for his girlfriend over the cabin crew's intercom. As he continues to speak, she becomes emotional. Flight attendants and passengers gather around to record her reaction. Thereafter, he calls her to the front, gets down on one knee, and asks her the big question.

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Lost for words, she nervously says "yes". The love birds were surrounded by the cabin crew who cheered them on and made the announcement to the rest of the passengers.

Shortly after their engagement, the bride comes out in a beautiful white dress, ready to wed her fiance. Their wedding takes place in the cabin with a marriage officer conducting the ceremony over the intercom. 

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High up in the sky, they were pronounced husband and wife. Pictures of the newlyweds were released shortly after the wedding. 

Watch the beautiful video here: 

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