#ECRTurns23: 23 reasons why listeners love East Coast Radio

#ECRTurns23: 23 reasons why listeners love East Coast Radio

We asked and you responded! ECR listeners share some of the reasons why they love KZN's No.1 Hit Music Station.

East Coast Radio logo / Instagram ECR
East Coast Radio logo / Instagram ECR

It's been 12 days since turning 23, and we have never felt more alive than we do now.

Although our actual birthday may be over, the fun will continue for the month of October. In addition to giving listeners a chance of playing for R150,000 in the Secret Sound, we have also been rewarding our readers with additional prizes. 

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This time, we got the listeners to share their reasons why they love East Coast Radio - and we weren't short of comments. Over 70 comments and counting, listeners told us about ECR over the years, and even the special memories they have associated with the station.

Check out the reasons below:

  1. "I have been listening to Ecr from the year 2003 when I got my freedom and went to varsity😀. I mainly loved ECR for music and being a rural kid, ECR helped me get use to speaking English 😀. I still listen to it and it’s the only radio station I listen to. I remember that when I got my Dstv I looked for ECR on the list but it wasn’t there and I remember writing to Ecr asking why it’s not there like other stations and boom, it got listed. I’m so happy with Ecr just keep up the good work and being that rainbow radio station" - Sindi Thungo 
  2. "I grew up listening to ECR. I've shared my first kiss, my wedding day, my graduation even my saddest moments listening to ECR. It uplifts my spirits and takes me back to the music I once shared memories with.❤️🎶"- Christlyn Pillay
  3. "I love Ecr because it keeps me motivated every single day, as I work a 12hour shift, the only radio station I enjoy is Ecr, Thank Ecr for the most amazing radio station ever. #ECRturns23" - Venessa Govender 
  4. "East coast radio.. they make my mornings, I often find myself driving to work or home and just smiling cause of the stuff they talk about or joke about especially the Breakfast team. I love the traffic updates as I am a rep on the road and its helpful, and the music is a BONUS 🖤 #ecr" - Billie-Jean Kilian 
  5. "Cos ECR is like that friend that never left my side... from high school when they first broadcasted throughout my life in all the good times and bad ecr was there to celebrate and to pick my mood. It has grown with me and i love the nostalgic moments from the twilight classics! Throughout the day ecr is my companion and the djs are just awesome! #happybirthdayecr Simply the best! #ECR23" - Nazia Desai 
  6. "Too many reasons as to why i love east coast radio. Darren maule and team makes my morning keeping me informed of everything happening around me regardless of where i might be in kzn. The best music and makes a blue monday a little more bearable. Accurate weather, traffic and news reports. Thandolwethu makes my office hours a little less stressful. Never failing to put a smile on my face and i love her thursday feature with psychic kiren 😍 it brings so much of closure to people. East coast radio has been apart of my life ever since i could actually remember. Im well entertained throughout my day. Magz makes my drive home so beautiful with all the amazing topics and giveaways and at night the classics make me sleep well rested with peaceful romantic music. The best radio station ever. Always continue in this traditional love for people. Ecr is fantastic" - Natasha Henry
  7. "What i love the most about East Coast Radio is that the presenters are all like family and they bring that our when they are talking. The music is always great and there is always an opportunity to win something. Thank you ECR for many years of entertainment 😊😊😊" - Katelin Theron 
  8. "I love east coast radio.you get news updates time to time they make you laugh even on your lowest day.they help in everyway and most of all the best music ever.love you ecr." - Rebecca Ramsamy 
  9. #ECR Their music is the best as it picks up when you down by making you change your mood . Their DJs know how to relate to listeners and their topics are great, I have learned something . Happy birthday Guys" - Viasen Pather 
  10. "Ecr has been part of our morning routine since we were kids. In this day and age of ever changing technology and music, ecr breakfast keeps us grounded, back to our roots. My 18 year old son is now an 80's / 90's fans thanks to ecr breakfast. He enjoys the quirkiness and fun on the radio early in the morning. Helping keep us grounded is what makes us love ecr breakfast the most." - Reshika Singh 
  11. "I love ecr because it gives the the get up and go every morning.. Throughout my day I listen and and I'm always entertained #bestradiostation" - Chanel Louwdashion 
  12. "I Love EastCoast Radio for keeping me updated with news and weather,mostly music to get me into a good mood especially when I'm stuck in a traffic😆😄" Sindi HisBarbie Zondo 
  13. "#ECR u have an impact on so many lives, through your medium u are able to provide a platform that nurtures our community, U guys excude an immense passion for your listeners and your jovial state of mind always tends to brighten up my days, and that is why I love ECR❤" - Frozzn Zed-n
  14. East Coast radio is the best , it's a go to station for music , great talking topics and amazing competitions , I listen all day , everyday" - Kayleen Naicker 
  15. "ECR is the best way to have a good laugh early in the morning. Waking up with the breakfast show is a great way to start your day off in a good mood. Keep up the great work you guys are doing.😘🤣" - Deborah Jane Stewart Moore 
  16. I love everything about ECR ..i moved to Joburg 4 years ago..i was lost without ECR..Now that ECR is on Dstv 836..i am soo happy..😁" - Rita Rengadu 
  17. "Ecr keeps us informed. From the music to the traffic. The competitions, shout outs to the good you do for the communities. Toy story. The music and always keeping up with the times. Diversity in the music. And of course top notch presenters. Thank you." - "Brooke Versfeld
  18. "I love East Coast Radio . The presenters are funny and informative . The shows keep us the listeners involved which is so important . My mornings with #ECRBREAKFAST with Darren Maule is like a shot of my favourite cup of coffee - very necessary and invigorating #ECRTurns23" - Deshnee Chinna Munsamy 
  19. "ECR BEST RADIO STATION EVER, keeps us all well informed, all you guys are funny almost all the time but serious when need to be love most of all your always go out of your'ls way to help and make dreams come true #ecrrocks 🎉🎉🎉" - Katherine Alicia Thumba 
  20. "I love ECR. Very simple you wake up to it you go to bed on it. Listen on your phone anywhere driving you around no matter where with a bottle of water or a cupa and singing along." - Carol Budke 
  21. "I love ECR because it always picks me up when I'm down, filled with entertainment and laughs, heart warming stories and generosity and amazingly talented DJs and awesome music. ECR will always be home for me. ❤️" - Janine Moodley
  22. "My reason Is, you guys always keep us informed with the latest news updates. You guys have the best radio presenters, obviously the best music! And you'll interact with us, you'll enjoy your job. You don't just do it for the salary at the end of the month ." - Kimberley Chelsea Jasmin 
  23. "Apart from the amazing hosts,the fact thay you guys keep us up to date with the goings on around the country.Also your competitions are eezy peezy lemon squeezy😀" - Laurel Timber 

A big thank you to all for the love. 

Here's to another 23 years of amazing radio and for being KZN's No.1 Hit Music Station! 

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