#ECRToyStory18: Team Darren lift the cup at The Ultimate Kick-Off

#ECRToyStory18: Team Darren lift the cup at The Ultimate Kick-Off

It was a highly anticipated day, The Ultimate Kick-Off between Team Darren and Team Sky, but only one team was able to walk away victorious.

team darren carrying the cup of victory
Supplied: East Coast Radio

It was a soccer match like you've never seen before. Fun, laughs, and excitement filled Northwood Crusaders this past Saturday, all in the name of charity.

Team Darren looked promising from the start, with some of the best players bringing the heat on Team Sky. With a nine-year-old on Team Sky, they were determined to mount the pressure and fight the battle until the end.

Team Sky came back strong in the second half and took the lead, leaving many worried whether Team Darren would ever get a chance to win the match.

Thanks to the goal by Keri Miller in the second half of the match, the teams went into a penalty shootout which saw both sides bring their all until the last spotkick was scored.

Watch the winning moment below:

However, the team captains uttered words of love at the end of it all.

"This day couldn't have gone any better. We loved the support we received from all that showed up. Sky's team did really well and they fought a good fight, but at the end of the day, it's all in the name of charity," said Darren.

"Both teams played a good match and did their very best. We are overwhelmed by the support we received by everyone and are thankful," said Sky.

KZN, you have never failed to show your love, support, and participation and for that, we are eternally grateful!

Congrats, Team Darren! 

team sky
team sky2
darrens great save
keri tackling the ball

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