#ECRToyStory18: "My dolls and teddy bears were my first audience," says Keri Miller

#ECRToyStory18: "My dolls and teddy bears were my first audience," says Keri Miller

The magic of toys creates dreams, and for Keri Miller, living out her dream every day means reliving practicing with her dolls from a young age.

keri miller
Keri at Toy Story Corporate Day / East Coast Radio Facebook

So as a little girl, believe it or not, I wasn't very ladylike, but because I was a little girl, I do remember getting dolls.

I used to (so my parents say) set them up in front of me in my bedroom and instead of playing 'mom', I used to do radio shows for my dolls and teddy bears. 

They became my very first audience whom I practiced being a live DJ with, and the Toy Story campaign brings back memories of doing my radio shows to my bears. I think of them every single time I think of my real life bears, who are my Darren and my Sky.

Sometimes gifting the gift of a toy helps a child practice out their dream.

You can help ensure that they too have a toy story to tell by donating a toy to this year's East Coast Radio Toy Story in partnership with Toys R Us & Babies R Us

All you need to do to get involved is buy and donate a new toy at any Toys R Us & Babies R Us across KZN by dropping it in the collection box in store, or drop off new toy donations at East Coast Radio House. Alternatively, you can make a cash donation, or donate via Zapper. For more information, click here.

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