#ECRToyStory18: Darren Maule shares his favourite childhood toy memory

#ECRToyStory18: Darren Maule shares his favourite childhood toy memory

Darren takes a trip down memory lane and speaks about his fondest childhood memory with his favourite toy. 

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Darren Maule / East Coast Radio Facebook page

The toy that stood out for me was his 'Tron light cycle'. It was a little motorbike with a zip cord and when you pulled the cord it would shoot off.

Tron was known as a world that you would escape too, as the youngest as five boys, there was a time where I struggled to get my voice heard or taken seriously compared to my older brothers. I loved the opportunity to escape to the world of Tron.

When I played with my 'Tron light cycle' I would imagine that I am a warrior going into battle, but this as which was all in his head of course.

However, I do confess that I was a naughty boy and I really tested the capabilities of the toy and made maximum use of it. 

Towards the end, even though it was battered, covered in masking tape and patty. The toy served its purpose and left me with memories that will last a lifetime.

So, I say to you give a child the gift of memories that will last a lifetime. Trust me, it makes life a little sweeter.

You can help ensure that they too have a toy story to tell by donating a toy to this year's East Coast Radio Toy Story in partnership with Toys R Us & Babies R Us

All you need to do to get involved is buy and donate a new toy at any Toys R Us & Babies R Us across KZN by dropping it in the collection box in store, or drop off new toy donations at East Coast Radio House. Alternatively, you can make a cash donation, or donate via Zapper. For more information, click here.

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