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East Coast Breakfast takes on the 'Workout To Your Name' challenge

Watching this video will prove if the Breakfast Team presenters are fit and ready for 2018.

Breakfast Team take on name challenge

A new year is a perfect way to set new fitness goals and turn over a new leaf. Our very own Darren Maule came across a very interesting challenge called 'Workout To Your Name' and decided to challenge his co-presenters, Keri and Sky.

The challenge is simple. Each letter of your name stands for a specific exercise. The challenge requires you to spell out your name to form an exercise routine.

Once they understood what they had to do, the team then made their way to a local gym in Umhlanga to face the challenge, and boy-oh-boy were they put to the test!

Watch what happened when the team traded in their headsets for gym sweats.

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