East Coast Breakfast shares tips on how to nail Friday's #KZNKaraoke

East Coast Breakfast shares tips on how to nail Friday's #KZNKaraoke

With less than a day away, #KZNKaraoke is upon us. So Darren, Keri, and Sky put together their tips on how to get the best karaoke video.

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The votes were in and the song was chosen. It was decided by KZN that Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' was the song that the province will sing this Friday - together with the East Coast Breakfast team.

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Learning the lyrics

Darren created a cute video with Mouse on how to remember the lyrics. He and mouse drew images of the song so that it can be easily remembered. So if you having trouble with the lyrics, maybe his tips will help: 

Warming up your voice

Keri is our shining star when it comes to singing and creating beautiful parodies, so she put together a list on how to warm up your voice to hit the right notes and tones.

"You need to warm up before you do any exercise and your throat is no exception, there are a few things you can do to get yourself ready to go for our Bohemian Rhapsody 'off' on Friday," she said.

"One of the easiest ways to warm up your throat before you sing is by yawning. This is a great way to open the throat and the diaphragm. Gently force yourself to yawn by opening your mouth as though you were about to yawn. As you do this, think about yawning, or watch a video of someone yawning to initiate your own yawn. Just thinking about it makes me want to yawn, yes I'm yawning," concluded Keri.

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Nail your selfie video

Lastly, our sports jock is known for taking good selfie videos. So, he shared his insightful knowledge on how to get the perfect angle, lighting, and sound when doing a selfie video.

Watch the video for more details:

We hope you make use of the tips, and can't wait to see your singing videos tomorrow. Tune in at 6:50am on Friday, 13th September 2019 and get ready to sing-along with us.

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