East Coast Breakfast hosts inaugural left-hand Olympics

East Coast Breakfast hosts inaugural left-hand Olympics

The rules have been set, the challenges have been given, and the contestants are ready. Let the games begin!

man writing with his left hand

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Darren and Sky were left shocked after they found out that Keri is left-handed. This led to the team discussing the things they believe they can do with their non-predominant hands.

So, Keri and KZN have come up with a list of activities for Darren and Sky to conquer using their left hand. The list is as follows:

  1. Reel a fishing rod
  2. Putt left-handed
  3. Use the mouse to click something on ECR
  4. Cut out a shape
  5. Brush their teeth
  6. Open a can
  7. Peel a potato
  8. Write a sentence with a ballpoint pen

It seems simple, but is it really? Tune in on Wednesday, 13 November between 6am and 9am to find out what the outcome is.

May the best left-handed champion win! 

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