Durban's dunes are being destroyed, but you can help save them!

Durban's dunes are being destroyed, but you can help save them!

Ever wonder what you could do to help the environment? Do you sometimes feel helpless when you see the terrible state some of our beaches are in?

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Global warming, pollution, and deforestation are just a few of the threats our beautiful world is facing.

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There is also no doubt that KZN is one of the greatest places on earth, but it faces many risks as it has so many coastal cities and towns.

If the sea-levels continue to rise, these residents could be forced out of their homes and these areas could be following in the footsteps of the underwater city of Atlantis.

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Protecting our coast should be one of our biggest priorities, as signs of neglect and destruction are already starting to show.

Enter Andy Kerr.

Andy is a community activist who has been working on many different projects in and around Durban for many years.

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Some of his most notable environmental awareness projects have been the KZN Beach Cleanup and The Sand Dune Rehabilitation project.

Don't say I didn't clean my life up this year 😂 I also cleaned up the Beach too you know 🙈🐋🌈🗑 🗑 Now please help me...

Posted by Andy Skrr on Wednesday, 17 February 2021

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Knowing how important it is to make sure we take care of our earth, Keri Miller wanted to sit down with Kerr and learn more about his causes.

Now you can find out all about what Andy does and how you can support the cause by listening to the podcast.

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Maybe you'll be so inspired you might change your whole way of life:

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