Durban schoolgirl breaks down after being severely bullied in school

Durban schoolgirl breaks down after being severely bullied in school

Shattering. This emotional TikTok video was posted on the Facebook page, 'Here's Why I am Mad Today'.

girl crying because of being bullied
Screenshot: Facebook: Here's Why I am Mad Today

According to Indian Spice, the girl's video has received thousands of messages of support since being posted, with many offering to take her on a day out. In the video, the girl can be seen breaking down several times whilst explaining what she has endured throughout her school life.

"I know I have big eyes and a thin body, but I love it but getting picked on for those things how am I supposed to feel? Getting picked on for the past 12 years of my life has been hard," she said.

The video then goes to comedian and rapper Adrenalin, who is outraged by what she has to endure, and offers to give her something special to make her day. His message, after many started reaching out to her, read: 

Hi Guys

So I've managed to make contact with this blessed little girl and sent her this link and she was brought to tears by all your comments.

I've advised her that we're going to do something amazing for, from a day out to Kyril Pillay R500 pledge towards her entertainment activity of choice, Kathrine Nankomar sponsoring to give her a makeover & myself and my photographer Ibrahim Khan sponsoring the day out at Bounce as well as a full photoshoot.

I know a lot of people have come forward asking for her contact details but I can't furnish them at this time till I get permission from her parents.

So for now if you wish to do anything for her we can just add it to the already aforementioned package we are preparing to give her otherwise you guys will be provided contact details as per the approval of her parents.

She's also asked me to be part of a feature on Here's why I'm mad today to help inspire other kids in similar situations and I've more than obliged.

Together we can fight to bullying.

This is one child of thousands every year that experience this heartache.

It's time we present a united front.

My aim is to run an anti-bullying workshop for schools in and around KZN and reach further by the end of the year.

If anyone can assist with the above or would like to be part of the initiative please contact me.

Thanks, Guys

You are all such special beautiful soul

Bullying has been a serious ongoing issue in many schools for years and years. Over a year ago, a 17-year-old pupil took his own life after allegedly being bullied at a school in Chatsworth

It can be a traumatic experience for any child and make them feel all sorts of emotions. Childline advises that if you are being bullied, tell someone you trust and who may be able to help you.

In the meantime, here are a few tips that Childline suggests that children can do: 

  • Try to stay in safe areas of the school at break and lunchtime where there are plenty of other people. Bullies don’t like anyone seeing what they are doing. If you are hurt at school, tell a teacher immediately and ask for it to be written down. Make sure you tell your parents.
  • On the school bus, try to sit near the driver, or if it’s an ordinary bus, by other adults. If you have to walk part of the way, and you’re afraid of the bully finding you, then change your route, try to leave home and school a bit later or a bit earlier, or see if you can walk with other people who live near you, even if they’re older or younger.
  • If you have a cell phone, be careful who you give your number to. If you receive threatening phone calls or emails then tell your parents. It is against the law for anyone to send offensive or threatening phone messages and if it continues, it can also amount to harassment. The police can, and do, take action.
  • If you see anyone else being bullied at your school, please tell someone about it. But don’t get into trouble with the bullies, do it without anyone noticing. Tell a teacher when you get a chance and there isn’t anyone else around. People who are being bullied need friends so if you can help someone who is so unhappy please do so.

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