Durban homeless transform vacant land into booming farm

Durban homeless transform vacant land into booming farm

This bright idea has provided 15 men a means for survival.

Elangeni green zone

When the government implemented lockdown earlier this year to slow the spread of COVID-19, the City of eThekwini provided shelter to about 2,000 homeless people - what has come out of that is something to marvel at.

A group of 15 men who found themselves with no food and lots of time on their hands started a project that has now flourished and is backed by the local Municipality.

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All this was started when one Zimbabwean man who has farming experience used his skills to teach the other homeless men to farm.

Sue Derwent, a journalist and author who posted about this blossoming farm, paid the men a visit to do some shopping and returned home with a huge lettuce, a cabbage, two massive bunches of spinach, and a bunch of baby carrots.

"Now THIS, people, is buying fresh, straight out the ground, and local. And seasonal. And it’s not run by some cute, trendy NGO doing an “urban farming project to help the homeless. This is the homeless helping themselves," she wrote in her post.

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She also urged people in the greater Durban area to support this project.

Good day ladies and gentlemen it's a beautiful weekend, our lettuce will be ready by next week.

Posted by Elangeni Green Zone on Saturday, 17 October 2020

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