Durban girl sings Maroon 5's 'Memories' to perfection

Durban girl sings Maroon 5's 'Memories' to perfection

Durban has talent in abundance - and this video proves just that! We stumbled upon a video on the popular Dala U Crew group of Ashleigh Joseph covering a Maroon 5 song perfectly. 

ashleigh singing
Screenshot: Facebook: Dala U Crew

With just the background music, Ashleigh's voice sings to the beat without a glitch. The song, which was previously on the ECR Top 40 for a few weeks, is Maroon 5's latest hit. Viewers commented on her video by saying she has a beautiful voice and that she is such an inspiration. 

According to her Facebook page - 'Ashleigh Joseph, Music is Life', she dedicated the song to her mom and to those who passed on and left her with great memories. Her music page has numerous videos and messages of support. She also does a number of events in and around Durban and we're certain she will go far in her career. 

We had the opportunity to chat with Ashleigh and find out more about her: 

Tell us more about yourself:

I am 26 years old, Born and raised in Durban. I come from a musical background with many family members from both my mom and dad's side being musically inclined. My dad has played a huge influence in my life as a vocalist/musician as he is a professional musician himself who has served 42 years in the South African National Defence Force being apart of Navy & Army Bands. I am an outgoing somebody, who loves spending time with my family and meeting new people through my work. A big personality which I believe I get from my mom makes it so much easier to go out there and make new friends. I love outdoor adventures, activities & travelling. 

At what age did you start singing: 

At the tender age of 4. My dad used to watch me play with a little recording device. I would record myself singing and play it back quite often, at that moment he figured that I've started grooming myself to become a singer hence he had made me join the children's choir at my church and it all started there and then. 

Has this always been your passion, what other talents do you have:

Yes, for as long as I can remember I've been singing and I absolutely loved it with all my heart, although I am a professional and qualified beautician for just over 8 years. Also another passion of mine since a very young girl. I've worked as beautician from 2013 and now I own home-based beauty salon called "The Beauty Clef" 

You do alot of gigs and events around Durban, have you turned your passion into your career:

Yes I do, I'm singing out at an event every weekend. So yes I do consider my passion as my career. I've been working on my brand, Ashleigh Joseph-Music Is Life, for the past 2 years now, and I believe that it is becoming a well-recognized brand slowly but surely. 

What are some of the highlights in your career thus far:

*Having to travel around to see my beautiful country through my work is a major highlight. I've performed for many major events where I've met the likes of the MEC and deputy MEC of Durban, I've performed at the birthday functions of Sorisha Naidoo and Vivian Reddy and I've performed alongside Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels. My Facebook page that has gone viral within a matter of months has over 23000 followers. These are just a few highlights of my career. 

Words or someone you look up to and why:

In my own personal life, my dad is my biggest role model. He and my mom have always supported me in anything and everything that I've wanted to do and have never held me back. My dad is in this industry as well and taught me to remain humble in all that I do, which I will carry with me wherever my career leads me. 

My celebrity role model is definitely Whitney Houston. I watch this lady's performances and shows with my Jaws dropped to the floor. Her vocal ability, her technique, her control, her stage presence, everything about her was all just breathtaking. It's really heartbreaking that she was led down the wrong path and she definitely was taken away from this world too early. 

Watch her video here:  

All the best Ashleigh! 

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