Durban Fashion Fair photographer strikes a chord with Darren

Durban Fashion Fair photographer strikes a chord with Darren

Darren recently walked down the catwalk at the Durban Business Fair. He told us more about it and shared a special story. 

darren modelling at DFF2019

You might remember back in 2014 I interviewed a young man who needed a double lung and heart transplant. That young man has had the procedure and although slightly frailer than the rest of us. He is trying to live his best life.

When he is not promoting organ and tissue donor awareness through his NGO Hero777, his dream is to be a photographer.

So. imagine my surprise when the shots came in from the Durban Fashion Fair (You know, the one where I modelled for Karen Monk Klijnstra) and they were brilliant. 1st class. World-class - and they were taken by him. Mathew Legemaate and his photography brand aptly named LionHeart Photography. 

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He is doing it! He is living his life and achieving his dreams. Share his work far and wide and make sure this guy is the preferred photographer at your next event.

Here's a few shots behind-the-scenes:

Talented Karen Monk and I pose at Durban Fashion Fair:

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