Durban-born star returning to his roots to release new single

Durban-born star returning to his roots to release new single

Australian artist Jarid has come home to give South Africa an exclusive of his new hit single, 'Slow Down On It'.


Listen to the audio and read the details below: 

Jarid is a breakout artist in Australia and not only performs with the who's who in the industry, but he was also the winner of the World Championships of Performing Arts. He has been nominated for an Australian Music Award, starred in a hit TV show, is a sought-after model, radio and TV presenter, made his mark when participating on Idols Australia, was mentored by Babyface, and much more.

He co-wrote 'Slow Down On It' with Phillipe-Marc Anquetil and Bernadette Marquez, and says he wanted to have a little fun with it,

“The main message of the song is to have enough ‘swag’ to secure the ‘bag’ (a girl you might fancy). You might be out in a club where you see this really hot girl and you want to win her over - so with enough confidence and with the right amount of smooth, you might just succeed in this. It’s a tongue-in-cheek song about this experience," said Jarid.

The avid go-getter and hard worker is keen on coming back and catching up with everyone in South Africa, as well as spreading his music along the way so people can be part of his journey.

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