Dramatic and exciting turn of events in Last Kid Standing

Dramatic and exciting turn of events in Last Kid Standing

Keep a close eye on the website on Monday as we are allowing the semi-finalists who fell short another chance to compete for R100,000 in prizes!

Surprised Darren, Keri and Sky
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What do you know about a rollercoaster of a competition? That's exactly what Last Kid Standing has been for the past four weeks.

Have a look at how the week went down and, hey, we have a surprise for you! 

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Abrianna, Aiden, and Callan started us off this Monday on a steady note.

After one of the most exciting rounds of Last Kid Standing, it came as a surprise to everyone to have the rounds move so swiftly.

Abrianna Dhanessar from Curro Online, Xizhi Aiden Luo from Crawford Internacional Prep La Lucia, and Callan Black from Morningside Primary School began the week of the fastest rounds of Last Kid Standing spelling bee.

We saw Aiden effortlessly and gracefully win and make his way to the semi-finals!

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On Tuesday, Keagyn, Lethokuhle, and Likho gave us one of the shortest rounds of the competition.

Keagyn Mocke from Scottburgh Primary School and Lethokuhle Nkwanyana from Durban Primary School fell short in the first round and Likho Filtane from Clifton School easily made it through!

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On Wednesday, the round took a little longer than the previous two days with Aneesa, Ayanda, and Hayley participating.

Aneesa Allee from Allandale Primary School, Ayanda Ndimande from Montclair Senior Primary, and Hayley from Eston Primary gave us an exciting round with words like 'virtual' and 'enlarged' being too hard for Aneesa and Hayley.

So Ayanda got an ‘A’ for this round and got a seat in the semi-finals on Friday! 

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We finalised Friday’s semi-finalist squad with Siyavuya's win!

Barrie Speirs from Kloof Senior Primary didn't make it to the second round but Marcus Van Staden from Scottburgh Primary and Siyavuya Malusi from Hillcrest Primary did.

Siya knocked Marcus down in this round with the word 'marine'!

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Finally, the semi-finals arrived as we went the entire three rounds without a winner.

 Aiden, Likho, Ayanda, and Siyavuya took each other on for the grand finale spot.

Take a listen to how that went:

But now a wildcard has been announced... 

We are bringing back the semi-finalists who fell short of a spot in the grand finale. This means that if your child or any of your favourite 4th graders were in the semi-finals but didn’t win and make it to the finale, they are getting a chance to play again!

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