#DKSapproved: We love our sports - even Keri Miller does!

#DKSapproved: We love our sports - even Keri Miller does!

Darren and Sky are crazy sports fans and Keri Miller has joined the club. This is evident in their DKS stamp of approval choices this Friday. 

Keri Miller
Darren, Keri and Sky

For weeks, Darren, Keri, and Sky have been giving their trusted stamp of approval to items, people, shows, music or anything that they are certain is worthy of this important stamp. 

"Some people reckon it is an unofficial member of BTS and they credit it for their success," Keri jokingly says of the stamp.

"Other people believe that its ink is the only known deterrent for Black Mambas," Darren adds.

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That's what they call the DKS Stamp of Approval!

We all know that Sky is our sports guy and Darren can tell you exactly who scored all six goals against Manchester United when Tottenham Hotspur won 6-1. But one thing we never hear is Keri talking anything sports related. 

Recently,  however, she joined the Fantasy Premier League and she has more points than Darren and Sky. And now she has taken her new-found love a step further by watching the Springboks' 2019 Rugby World Cup documentary, 'Chasing the Sun'.

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Darren and Sky also went with sports-related choices; the Hollywood Bets 2019 Rugby World Cup commemorative collector's book and the Vryheid Gold Club, respectively.

#DKSapproved - Keri's choice
#DKSapproved - Darren's choice
#DKSapproved - Sky's choice

IMAGE CREDIT: Darren, Keri and Sky 

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