#DKSapproved: Sky approves kit of football club he hates!

#DKSapproved: Sky approves kit of football club he hates!

Fans of the reigning champions of England will be pleased to hear Sky squirm as he approves of their new away kit.

Sky Tshabalala
Darren, Keri and Sky

Football fans will find this hard to believe, but Sky Tshabalala is a hater who is not as biased as he sounds... well, sometimes.

This Friday, Darren, Keri, and Sky officially (after weeks and weeks of back and forth, bureaucracy, and setbacks) used their Darren, Keri and Sky Stamp Of Approval - better known as The DKS Stamp of Approval that renders things they love #DKSApproved.

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Darren and Keri decided to give us some new content to indulge in at the weekend when they approved a movie and series, respectively. Darren decided to give his stamp of approval to the movie 'Bombshell', which stars our very own Hollywood star, Charlize Theron. Keri gave her stamp of approval to a series called 'Down To Earth', which stars eye-candy Zac Efron.

But what will leave you gobsmacked, especially if you know how much he hates this football club, is what Sky gave his stamp of approval to - ardent listeners of the show will have an idea. Sky thinks the new Liverpool away kit is absolutely peng and therefore deserves his stamp of approval. We also could not believe it!

Liverpool jersey

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Listen to him squirm in the podcast below:

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IMAGE CREDIT: Darren, Keri, Sky

Catch up with moments from the latest edition of Darren, Keri, and Sky below:

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