#DKSapproved: Darren Maule endorses Decorland

#DKSapproved: Darren Maule endorses Decorland

According to Keri, some people believe the DKS Stamp of Approval saved the World from ending in 2012, while Sky says the Irish believe you find it at the end of a Rainbow.

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Earlier this week, Darren Maule nominated Decorland’s shutters for a DKS Stamp Of Approval as he is moving house this weekend with his Anna Banana.

Watch his nomination below.

Darren and Anna needed a hyper modern, friendly, sexy, rustproof alternative to normal window coverings and so they went to Decorland and found the shutters; someone was sent to their new house to do the measurements and yesterday the shutters were installed! 

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They are produced locally and according to Darren, the best thing about them is affordability - this is why they get his DKS stamp of approval.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Darren, Keri & Sky

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