DKS Highlights of the Week

DKS Highlights of the Week

The week was filled with gem moments! From finding out if Darren is truly considering marriage and Sky going sober to the egg challenge and our impromtu call with the listener from the 11-hour traffic jam. We are definitely back and better than ever!

Egg challenge
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Remember before we left for our holiday, Darren referred to his Anna, his girlfriend, as 'wife'. When we returned, we had to find out how serious he was about the statement. 

Was it a slip of the tongue or is he truly looking to put a ring on 'Anna Banana'? His full statement is in this read.

Take a listen to the deal that Sky and Keri made should he be thinking about marriage: 

Darren and Keri we over the moon when Friends: The Reunion premiered on M-Net (DStv channel 101) on 30 May. They could not let the week pass without recapping their highlight moments from the dearly loved comedy series.

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 One of the most obvious picks was having Lady Gaga perform with Phoebe and her sweet message to her. They also had things to say about some actors' appearances and the presenter selected for this special episode.

It's all in the podcast below: 

As we entered the the new month of June, Sky also emerged with a new resolution. Our sports presenter is going on an alcohol break for the entire month. 

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You'll be shocked to know he is not going on this break for any specific reason - not sport, not health. It is simply him trying to practise and enforce a little bit of discipline in his life and try the challenge that most people usually do during July and October, colloquially termed DryJuly and OcSober. 

We did a brief Q+A with Sky to find out more his sobriety journey he's started. Read it all about it here.  

We also made a call to his roommate, James, to find out how he will be penalised should he fall short. Have a listen: 

One other highlight moment was from Thursday's impromptu call with one of the motorists who was stuck in the 11-hour traffic jam in Ashburton. 

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No food, no water, no loo - just a snaking bumper to bumper stagnant on the M13, R103, and M7 in Ashburton. 

Neil Sivalingum called the studio and descriptively shared his experience, but most importantly the reaction his wife had when he reported he would be in traffic all night: 

Read all about Neil's ordeal in the full article

Ever heard of an egg race while seated? Well, we had one of our favourite moments with this Bingo Ball challenge. 

Watch how it all went down: 

You can't deny how much fun this week was. Choose your favourite moment in the poll below: 


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