DKS Highlights of the Week

DKS Highlights of the Week: Darren celebrates 10 years of radio!

We kicked the week of with some interesting audio from 10 years back...

DKS Highlights of the Week
East Coast Breakfast

A week with Darren, Keri and Sky can never be dull. There is literally three of them and you know what they say, "Three's a charm!". 

The week started with us celebrating with Darren  the 10th year of  his "Good Mauling" opening link on the East Coast Radio Breakfast Show. Fortunately our producer was able to find this audio from his very show and play it on-air. As much as  Darren hates it; we can't help but be amazed at the natural talent he had for someone who had never done radio. 

Take a listen: 

WATCH: Darren and Mouse sing their hearts out

On the same morning, Darren had to take something that was heavy on his chest regarding his daughter. He was starting to feel that time is flying and Mouse is experience 'teenager' scenarios.  

For all the mothers and fathers out there with a teenager, you might to relate to this:


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We then shared the story of Linelle Meyer whose life has changed drastically after COVID-19 left her and her family homeless. The Big Favour came through with a donation from AKR Concrete and we were able to help make that small contribution to her and her family. 

Darren surprised her for some shopping: 

To hear Linelle's story take a listen here:

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Then our former President, Jacob Zuma was given a deadline to hand himself over on the night of July 7 2021. The tried to avoid talking about it but they just could not ignore it. What had happened was huge: 

Finally we kicked off #DarrensDecade!

We shall be making a big deal of Darren's time on the East Coast Radio Breakfast Show. We shall be giving back to the artists and people in the hospitality industry with Darren's Tip Jar. We will also have 10 people closes to Darren, share their experiences and time with the main man. We shall then end it all with a surprise

Find out more here

That wraps it up for our best days of the week! 

We are extremely excited about the next 2 weeks, make sure to tune in on-air and online. 


Main Image Courtesy: East Coast Breakfast

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