DKS Highlights of the Week: Inside the Kelly-Maule household

DKS Highlights of the Week: Inside the Kelly-Maule household

We had chance to an inside to the Kelly-Maule household: a rare and exclusive kind.


After Darren Maule announced his marriage and secret wedding with a post on social media with his beloved Mrs Anna Kelly, the whole of KZN lost their minds at how he had hinted and had finally actually done. Now we were all just fighting the rage of "Why did you not invite me, at least?" Fortunately, as his new life unfolds with his wife and their children, he is not leaving us in the cold this time.

Mouse, Darren's almost 13 year-old daughter now has 2 women surrounding her in the home - Anna and one of Anna's daughters. The young twenty-something year-old joins the household following completion of university. She and Mouse are only properly starting to hang out with each other this long and it is a beautiful effortless chemistry. 

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Yes, exactly that - chemistry! That Darren adores so much but just does not understand. Their conversations just take detours that are unexpected. Take a listen to one:  

You will probably want to rewind that and to make sure you understand what the conversation is actually really about. Uhm..

With that can conclude that in their household, since Darren is also the only man together with Max, it might be one department he fails to fully and properly fathom. What we can say is this: we love the sister-sister vibes! 

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We are literally counting days to the last day of Sky's 30-day sobriety challenge! If you are without a clue, the team's sports guy randomly chose to go on an alcohol fast during the month of June. 

We won't deny, "You are looking amazing," is one of the sentences he received almost the entire week. He gives the props to the break he took as a test of his discipline muscle and simply for a lekker challenge! So this week, as it's one of his friends' birthday during the weekend, he wanted to have a pardon day already to have some alcohol. 

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Well, we had Sky's girlfriend and partner in this whole 30-day break to chip in on this ask Sky was making: 

Guys,  first we had Sky's girlfriend on the show! Second, it looks like our boy might have that first sip of alcohol before he makes it to July! We sit in anticipation towards Monday hoping we are still going well with this fast because we want to make it a big deal! 

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Keri Yoga

If it's not travel or angel cards then it's yoga!  This was a highlight only because the guys tried in studio while she led the class on air from her home.

They are all literally cheating or buckling or doing it wrong! Keri would say it needs to be done frequently to finally master - the point is to calm down. 

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Surprisingly, the boys returned to work after the on-air yoga sessions and shared thatthey tried practising whilst the were going about their days. 

You can also try it. It goes like this: 

One of the benefits of this breathing exercise is that it helps you refocus when you are having a busy or stressful day. We all have those days, it's how the capitalistic system was set! For more of Keri's yoga content click here

Anyway, that was another week with Darren, Keri and Sky. 

What was your favourite highlight? Share in the comment section. 


Main Image Courtesy: @darrenmaule

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