Dead employee covered with umbrellas, store remains open

Dead employee covered with umbrellas, store remains open

The store claims it "followed guidelines to not remove the body from the place".

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An incident that occurred on August 14 came to light on social media recently and has gone viral.

A store in Brazil's northeastern state of Recife called Carrefour Brasil has come under fire after it was revealed that it covered the body of a dead man with umbrellas, surrounded it with cardboard boxes, and remained open for business.

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According to Carrefour Brasil, the man was a sales manager who fell ill inside the store and although he received first aid and an ambulance was called, he died.

In a statement to Reuters, Carrefour Brasil apologised, admitting that its handling of the incident was inappropriate.

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"The company erred in not closing the store immediately after what happened to await the funeral service, as well as in not finding the correct way to look after the body.

"We apologise to the family and stand ready to support them in whatever way necessary,"  the store explained. 

However, this is not the first time that Carrefour Brasil finds itself under fire and in the spotlight on social media. According to reports, in 2018, a security guard at a store in the state of Sao Paulo killed a street dog after striking it with a metal bar.

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