Day 26: Even dogs have had enough of being quarantined

Day 26: Even dogs have had enough of being quarantined

We have found a video of a dog refusing to go out for a walk, proving that the lockdown is getting to every species...

dog dont want to walk
Screenshot: Facebook: Two Buttons Deep

In South Africa, any type of activity outside of your home is considered illegal right now - and that includes walking your dog.

We're not sure where this video was taken, but it brought a smile to our dial this morning. The adorable fur baby and its owner decided to go for a walk, but it doesn't go according to plan.

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The dog sprawls on the floor whilst the owner waits for the dog to wake up. He then walks over to the dog and tries to get the dog up, but with no luck.

The owner throws down the leash and walks away hoping the dog would follow him, but the dog remains in its sleeping position. At this point, the owner walks back to the dog, who then rolls on its back as if it's ready to play.

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Fed up, the owner picks up the dog, puts him in a sitting position, and faces him in the opposite direction hoping that the dog would now go for a walk. 

After a bit of tug and war, the owner realises the dog really does not want to go for a walk.

See the cute video here: 

Day 30 of quarantine... the dogs are beginning to protest. (📷: @fovity__id)

Posted by Two Buttons Deep on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

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