Darren's Daddy Dilemmas: Little 'Mouse' wants a pet snake

Darren's Daddy Dilemmas: Little 'Mouse' wants a pet snake

Most little girls ask for a puppy or a rabbit as a pet, right? Not Darren Maule's daughter. She wants a snake. Do you think it may be inappropriate for a ten-year-old to have a pet snake?

Darren and mouse

Take a listen to what KZN had to say and the final verdict on whether Darren will be getting 'Mouse' a snake or read the details under the podcast.

A pet seems like a normal ask for a ten-year-old, right? When Darren Maule imagined this day would come, he thought maybe more along the lines of a puppy, a little bunny or even a kitten. 

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Darren Maule's daughter is no ordinary little girl - so the request was likely to be a little out of the ordinary. Little Miss Maule, otherwise known as 'Mouse', would like to have a pet snake. 

Now, Darren hates disappointing his little girl, but he's just not sure if this would be an appropriate pet for a child her age. 

We forgot to add that he's also a little scared of snakes... so maybe that's where his uncertainty stems from?

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Darren needs some advice. Should he get a pet snake for 'Mouse'? Share your thoughts below:

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