Darren Maule's love life in three words

Darren Maule's love life in three words

Keri and Sky were not ready for Darren's response to the question: "What three words would you use to describe your relationship?" Actually, no one can be ready for this response. 

Darren and Anna
Darren Maule

Every avid East Coast Radio listener would know that Darren Maule is not a single man. In fact, he is very much in love and he is not afraid to profess it.

Darren and his beautiful Anna Banana have been together for a year now and believe it or not, they are still in the honeymoon period of their relationship. Does it usually last this long? 

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One look at his social media feed and one can tell that Mr Maule is head over heels in love. From cute and cozy pictures of Anna and himself, to captions that will make anyone's heart melt, Darren does it all.

So when the team played a game of Bingo ball and Darren was asked to describe his love life in three words, anyone would expect words such as "spontaneous, blissful, fun" - all of those mushy words  But not Darren. 

Listen to the podcast for the three words Darren uses to describe his love life. 

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