Darren Maule’s 10 Tips for Driving in the Rain:

Darren Maule’s 10 Tips for Driving in the Rain

Heavy rains are putting a damper on things this festive season, but your safety on the roads is a priority. Here are Darren Maule's tips for driving in the rain.

Darren Maule in the new ECR studios / Instagram
Darren Maule in the new ECR studios / Instagram

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If we could all stay at home when it pours, we would. But we have responsibilities and one of them requires us to drive on wet roads to get to and from our destinations. To help you to get from point A to point B safely, Darren has put together a quick list of things to remember when driving in the rain.

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1. Wait Until the Weather Improves before driving. (If your car feels like you just climbed out of a hot shower then you might want to slightly open the windows)

2. (It is better to arrive late and alive than dead on time.)
Double Check Your Car’s Equipment.

3. (Have you even ever done this once since you bought your car?)
Slow Down.

4. (p=mv #QuickMaths - Mass X Velocity = Momentum. You can’t reduce the mass of your car but you can reduce the velocity)
Turn On Your Headlights.

5. (Let Eskom fo the load shedding - leave your car lights on)
Use Your Windscreen Wipers.

6. (Refer to No.2 - did you even check if they work?!)
Maintain a Safe Following Distance.

7. (Leave some space for the Holy Ghost - and the Holy Ghost drives an eighteen wheeled reticulated abnormal vehicle)
Avoid Heavy Braking.

8. (It’s not the speed that is the problem in the rain, it’s the trying to stop suddenly that gets you EVERY TIME)
Watch Out For Standing Water.

9. (It’s the shinny stuff on the road where the black stuff would usually be)
DO NOT BRAKE When Hydroplaning.

10. (You can’t steer a car that is moving sideways)
Ventilate Your Car.

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