Darren Maule: "It's better with the lights off than on"

Darren Maule: "It's better with the lights off than on"

Eskom has implemented load shedding, which means that South Africans will be left in the dark once again. But do not fear as Darren Maule has come up with a list of things for one and all to do when the lights are off.

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From making a trip to the fridge for a midnight snack to sneaking a borrowed car into the yard without permission, East Coast Breakfast's Darren Maule has compiled a list of options for you to indulge in when the lights go out.

Since the power utility made the announcement, South Africans have been affected by up to two sessions of load shedding per day, but this list should keep you occupied until the lights come back on.

Darren has done his utmost best to keep things PG, so listen to the podcast to hear what else he has in store for you.

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