Darren Maule finally gets his 'bro-zillian' wax done

Darren Maule finally gets his 'bro-zillian' wax done

Darren Maule opened a canned of worms when he said women didn't endure as much pain as he did when got his grooming done...but then he was challenged to do a Brozillian.

darren in polka dots
Shanice Pillay

A video was released of Darren getting his facial hair removed using wax whilst sweet Mouse commentated on the procedure. At work, the next day Sky called him out on not taking it like a man.

Darren put the call out for a beautician to bring their thread along with them so they can thread Sky's eyebrows. As expected KZN came to our rescue, and Bharthie Gangaram from The New Image Studio at Coastlands, Umhlanga dropped by to groom Sky.

Whilst waiting for his eyebrows to be done, Keri thought she would get her little moustache removed as well. And then it was Sky's turn, he did alot more crying than Darren had done, struggling with the pain he couldn't wait for it to be over. 

The ladies of KZN challenged Darren to get a Brazillian wax done and he happily obliged. 

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After stalling for two days, Darren called Bharthie back into the studio to find more out details about the Brazillian wax to clear his mind of any doubt. She invited him to have it done at her salon and promised to take good care of him. 

A video Darren's 'brozillian' appointment was recorded and sent to us so we had to share it with you!

So ladies, this one is for you.

Ouch Darren!

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