James Blunt talks new album with Darren Maule

James Blunt talks new album with Darren Maule

James Blunt is back with another stellar hit, 'Cold', from his sixth studio album, ‘Once Upon A Mind’. Darren had the opportunity to find out more about the man and his music.

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Humble, down to earth, and real - that's how Darren describes James Blunt. 

The musician has received an outpouring of love and support from the press and social media since making the announcement about his new song, 'Cold'. He took to 'The One Show' on BBC One to perform a stunning acoustic version of the hit, complete with a gospel choir - and fans loved it!

Darren caught up with the 'You're Beautiful' hitmaker about his inspiration behind his new album and what it's like being known as the 'King of Twitter' - after recently showcasing his wit and charm on his always engaging Twitter account. 

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Blunt released his classic first album, 'Back To Bedlam', in the autumn of 2004 and soon after the single, ‘You’re Beautiful’, became a global smash hit. He has sold over 23-million albums to date.

'Cold' is currently at number one on East Coast Radio's Top 40.

Listen to the podcast for the full chat. 

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